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Let's get creative for learning disability week!

Let's get creative for learning disability week!

For many people, getting creative has been a way to stay connected and positive through the challenges of last year. And for Learning Disability Week 2021 we're celebrating creativity in all its forms from drawing, painting, writing and song - to sport, cooking and exploring nature.

In fact every form of being creative - including just sharing your story!

Let's get creative! What's important to you?

You may remember last year we ran an art exhibition for all of our KCC learning disability services. We had a great response to our call for artworks to show what everyone had been creating over lockdown.

But we're extending it this year to encourage all types of reflections and stories - spreading the net far and wide and asking 'What's important to you?'.

So, if someone's interested in painting or paintballing, basketweaving or basketball, topiary or tango - or just love socialising - we'd like to know - email us at stakeholderteam@kent.gov.uk 

What's important to you? Create and share with us

If you have a learning disability, work with people who have a learning disability or in a community service (KCC or other provider), send in your written reflections, photos, your pictures, your songs, record a story, make a video and ask people to get involved.

Send them to the Stakeholder Engagement Team so we can share them on this website. In the autumn, we hope to take a selection of them around the county as part of a travelling exhibition.

Not just for a week

There's no time limit on sending your entries in, all we ask that they are scanned, or emailed in with explicit consent confirmed to share and display these around Kent over the next year as part of a living library.

So don't delay tell us today about how you've been creative!