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Family Carers

Family Carers - Downloads

Below are the downloads for Family Carers. Please click on the red download button to view the files.

Useful Downloads

16/03/2016 Carers News 2.26 MB Download
03/09/2015 Carers News 1.83 MB Download
13/05/2015 Carers Week events - Canterbury, Dover and Thanet 0.23 MB Download
31/03/2015 Care Act Leaflet 0.54 MB Download
31/03/2015 Carers Activities 0.30 MB Download
31/03/2015 Caring with Confidence - Ramsgate Course 0.38 MB Download
31/03/2015 Manual Handling Course - Ramsgate 0.35 MB Download
31/03/2015 Kent Carers Information Booklet 3.30 MB Download

Minutes And Meeting Files

Monday 2nd May 2016

02/05/2016 Regional event for family carers and people with learning disabilities about transforming care 0.41 MB Download